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Nuvè Therapeutics Covid-19 Announcement

Aloha Clients,

This is all happening now, and as individuals, to connect safely with our community we have to take action and precaution into our own hands (literally) .

  1. Wear a mask

  2. Wash your hands with soap and water before and after your destinations a. 2 minutes for full precaution and 30 seconds for a good precaution.

Increase your IMMUNE SYSTEM. This is something I always recommend to everyone throughout the year especially with a change of season. With spring now in full blast and the corona-virus:

  1. Double up on bone broth (

  2. Echinacea

  3. Vitamin C

  4. Zinc

  5. Pre-and probiotics

  6. Fermented foods

  7. Water (pH, electrolytes, alkaline)

  8. Water with lemon and Himalayan salt

  9. ACS nasal wash (

***ALL ABOVE IMMUNE BOOSTER suggestions with awareness of your current health state, consult you PCP if any questions***

At our office we only have a few supplements left. If you need some please call our office 818.473.9457 and Nicole or I can help you.

You can also visit Dr. Rahm’s page for Standard Supplements

OR Dr. Saltman: 818.508.6188.

Call to make sure they have the product so you don’t make the trip.

Nuve Therapeutics will continue to be open during these next few weeks, however this is subject to change day by day. You will be notified if changes occur. I ask each and every one of you, if you are not feeling well, if you present with any of the symptoms mentioned on every newsletter, media, etc. to cancel your appointment for the safety of all. I will send you home if I feel that your immune system is compromised. Please be conscious about how you feel and responsible about making the right decision of keeping your appointment. We continue to take all measures to continue to maintain our facility clean. To give you a peace of mind of what our routine is after every client:

  1. Clean sheets, pillowcases, and towels for each client.

  2. We spray our rooms with Melaleuca and OnGuard essential oils, which are two of our highest anti-septic, antiviral, antibacterial spray’s.

  3. Disinfecting equipment and room used after every client.

  4. Asking clients to wash their hands as soon as they come into our office.

  5. Asking clients to wear a mask when they come in to our treatment room.

  6. The Physical Therapist and Aide are using masks and new gloves with each client, along with washing our hands.

  7. Our office is limited to less than eight people at a time, usually only 2 per room.

  8. We have trained all our staff on proper disinfection procedures and are assigned to rotational basis after each single use.

Please have a peace of mind coming into our office, know that you are healthy and strong as our therapist are too. As we individually take action we can make an impact on our society.

Personal Note - use this time to enjoy interacting with your family, get to know their likes and pleasures. Laugh, tell jokes and play. We need to keep light during these times. Use this time to be less on your phones and more in your body- MOVE!

IDEAS: Yoga, meditation, breathe together, exercise- take turns picking in a new exercise and everyone do it- get creative!

Use this time to consider carpooling when available- have you seen the sky, mountains, trees? Now that there is less traffic…. It’s clear and majestic.

Have you been cooking more at home? Keep this going once this is all over- create a better lifestyle. I feel Mother Nature is talking to all of us- we have become disconnected from our bodies, nature and our families, as we are always on the go. Ponder and make active changes to become closer as a family and individuals. Be well, you are healthy and strong!

Health and Joy,

Yvonne Ramirez, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Nuve Therapeutics

3525 North Verdugo Road

Glendale, CA 91208

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