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-A Holistic Approach to Physiotherapy -

Products for Sale

Are you on the move? Need a portable vibrating heating massage ball roller?  Myostorm, is the ultimate deep tissue massage and recovery tool to increase athletic and daily performance. The myostorm has a therapeutic self heating component that improves circulation leading to faster recovery and pain reduction. It is portable and can be used anywhere. Nuvè PT is selling the Myostrom portable vibrating heating massage ball roller for $130, orginally $170 on Amazon, if you purchase Myostrom at Nuvè PT, we will show you how to use the product and teach you some techniques to relieve soreness and tightness of the muscle. 

Get in shape with The TRX Rip Trainer is a highly effective tool for developing core strength, increasing cardiovascular endurance, and honing one’s mobility and coordination. The Rip trainer is portable, it utilizes a lightweight cord system and secure anchor point for the home, office or gym. Nuvè PT is selling the TRX Rip for $130, originally $189.95 on Amazon, if you purchase the TRX Rip at Nuve PT, we will show you exercises to kick start your fitness. 

The Scrumptious Travel Pillow is the unicorn of travel pillows - this is not your typical 'horseshoe' pillow! We wanted something that would give you the full Scrumptious Pillow experience, in a package that shrunk down so it was easy to take with you anywhere - and wouldn't take up any extra room in your suitcase. You can purchase this pillow online be sure to use the discount code: NUVEPT

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Nuvè Therapeutics, would like to introduce you to the Erchonia R2L radiation protector. R2L reduces exposure to radiation in cell phones for up to 70%. Want to protect yourself and your family from radiation exposure? The first step is to purchase the R2L from Nuvè Therapeutics, for $35.00 

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