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FUNctional Flow Class!!! January 31st, 2017

FUNctional Flow Class!!!

​I’m excited to let you know about our next Nuvè’s FUNctional Flow Class. The goal was to begin FUNctional Flow on a weekly basis starting January 2017. However we encountered some obstacles along the way with the location. I ask for your patience during this time as we are zealously working on finding a permanent home for FUNctional Flow. Our next class will be held at the Community Center of La Canada Flintridge on January 31st 2017 at 7:15 pm. Please read the flyer for more details.Everyone’s comments have been fantastic and the feelings are rewarding. I look forward to teaching and bringing more wellness both mentally and physically to others as it’s one of my passions.What is FUNctional Flow?It’s a combination of movements from Pilates, yoga, corrective exercise and stretching combined in one! It brings in functional movement and creates flexibility, endurance and strength both mentally and physically. As the foundations of our body become aligned and integrated, the mind and body work more efficiently creating a healthier lifestyle. The feelings are Euphoric! Without thinking we, SQUAT when we’re about to sit on a chair,LUNGE when we walk up stairs,PUSH when we’re lying on our stomach to get up,PULL a door open,TWIST when we reach across our bodies &BEND when we tie our shoes.

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