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FUNctional Flow Class! February 22, 2017

Aloha Friends and Family,

We are entering our 4th month of FUNctional Flow!!! For those of you that have attended, know the foundation of our class. Feel free to share your experience on Facebook and /or Instagram! FUNctional Flow implements a combination of yoga, pilates, stretching, corrective exercise and mind body awareness. FUNctional Flow supports wellbeing both physically and mentally. Take action towards your health!!!

What some of the clients are saying post class:

"I feel more relaxed"

"I feel more flexible and aware of my body”

"I was able to take my body to limits I didn't know I can attain. Thanks for teaching me how to trust my body"

"The class was great! I felt stronger and calmer overall"

How do I know if FUNctional Flow is for me?

Men and women are welcomed. Unless you are in a cast or have moderate to severe pain, consider talking to me before taking the class. We can set an appointment to discuss the steps needed to get you moving pain free before starting FUNctional Flow.

See the attached flyer for details!

Parking: park at the far left end near the baseball field once you enter the parking lot. Then follow the signs to the creative arts room located in the back, passed the basketball courts.

My intent is that we will have another tuned in mind body flow!

RSVP to OR 818.473.9457

Yvonne Ramirez, DPT

Nuve Therapeutics

3525 North Verdugo Road

Glendale, CA 91208

Office: 818.473.9457

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