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Nuvè FUNctional Flow every Monday at 6:15pm!

Aloha Friends & Family,

With Springtime around the corner, I wanted to get a leap start on welcoming you to Nuvè’s FUNctional Flow every Monday at 6:15pm! YES, It’s official!!! Read the attached flyer for details!

We are working enthusiastically on creating a better system for registration. As of now we will continue to RSVP via email sent. Feel free to share this email with a friend and/or family member that has expressed an interest in a yoga/pilates/mind&body class.

Throughout my practice and individualized plan of care for each of my clients, the topic of accountability and lifestyle creation is mentioned a great deal. With Functional Flow now being established you can create the avenue in building progress and growth. Enjoy the weekly benefits that you will create in your life to age younger and live happier!!!

How Euphoric is this?!!!

What people are saying:

“I was able to get better sleep throughout the night and woke up feeling more relaxed and refreshed. I noticed as my day went by things did not stress me as much”.

I felt a bit sore in all the right places and more flexible in others. I enjoyed the pace and the challenge of the moves”.

“I enjoyed the guided meditation because it calmed my mind down and helped me get into my body”.

My intent is to facilitate better movement and strength by increasing mind body awareness thus allowing you the freedom to do more of what makes you happy!

PARKING: park at the far left end near the baseball field once you enter the parking lot. Then follow the signs to the creative arts room located in the back, passed the basketball courts.

Ways to pay: Cash/check (Nuvept)/paypal (

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