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FUNctional Flow Class November 29th 2016

FUNctional Flow Class

Aloha Friends and Family,

One of our Philosophy’s at Nuvѐ Therapeutics is to facilitate You, in increasing your body’s awareness in order to catch a symptom or injury before it happens. As a way of giving thanks for the month of November, I’m thrilled to invite you to Nuvѐ’s 1st FUNctional Flow Class.

What is Functional Flow? I’m glad you asked J It’s a combination of movements from Pilates, yoga, corrective exercise and daily activities combined in one! Over 12 years of experience I've listened to many of my clients state, they find these classes challenging, repetitive, and/or demanding. Your voice matters and now I've combined a balance of these phenomenal classes in one: FUNctional Flow.

Without thinking we,

SQUAT when we’re about to sit on a chair,

LUNGE when we walk over a parking header,

PUSH when we’re lying on our stomach to get up,

PULL a door open,

TWIST when we reach across our bodies &

BEND when we pick up objects off the floor.

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