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-A Holistic Approach to Physiotherapy -



Dr. Yvonne Ramirez

Yvonne Ramirez is a Doctor of Physical Therapy

and owner of Nuvè Therapeutics.


Her experience working with toddlers, adolescents, and adults with various diagnosis, from neurological to orthopedics, lead her to pursue her

journey in applying a holistic approach for

each individual’s needs.


Yvonne is passionate about bridging both Eastern and Western

medicine to the benefit & well-being of the individual.


Yvonne believes in the theory of the body’s ability to self heal. Your body comes equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms!


Nuve Therapeutics  goal  is to get to the root of the problem to start living a Natural, Universal, Victorious,  Euphoric  lifestyle  that you deserve.


With this comes 2 individuals coming to an agreement on a plan for a lifestyle that will give you the mobility, physical freedom you deserve, and prevent you from medication and or surgery. 


Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Nicole Lopez

Nicole attended California State University,

Northridge where she received her

Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology

with an emphasis in Exercise Science.


While attending school she involved herself in taking an Adaptive Therapeutic class where she worked with clients with physical disabilities and found her niche,  connecting with her clients and progressing them physically through exercises.

Nicole has been working as a physical therapy aide in an outpatient setting for > 8 years. She continues to learn, enhance and utilize her skills and techniques with clients to help optimize their health. She is motivated, optimistic and caring with her clients in order to facilitate their progress and achieve a state of well-being. Since working with Yvonne, Nicole has adapted a belief in seeing past a diagnosis and treating the client as a whole. This has given her perspective that there is more than one way to treat the root of the problem.

Nicole has a passion for sports, Collegiate and NFL football, Baseball, Cheerleading and Dance. She intends to pursue sports rehab to work with professional athletes. She was a high school varsity and collegiate cheerleader. With her spare time, Nicole enjoys working out, reading, gardening and potting plants, volunteering, spending time with family and loving her dogs.

She is currently interning with Glendale Community College Athletic Trainers. Nicole is pursuing her Doctor Physical Therapy Career. She plans to implement her knowledge and gifts as she is a true gem.


Executive Assistant, Physical Therapy Aide


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